select protection_level from v$database;
show parameter standby_file_management ;
select group#, bytes from v$standby_log;
select name, open_mode, log_mode from v$database;
select recovery_mode from v$archive_dest_status;
 select flashback_on from v$database;
find  . -name "alert*.log" -exec ls -l -h {} \;
select name from v$archived_log where rownum <10;

Почти все про ресурсные планы

Как найти текущие открытые курсоры в Oracle


The DBMS_PROFILER packages gets installed at the time of database creation by default. However prior to Oracle 10g release this package was not installed by default and needs to be created by running "profload.sql" located at $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin folder.

Use RMAN to format corrupt data block which is not part of any object

Please note all the below steps can be performed when the database is up and running  without having any impact on database availability.


7 easy steps to configure HugePages for your Oracle Database Server

Hugepages and Large Pages

Установка ПО для настройки X11 forwarding используя ssh в Unix/Linux

Настройка X11 forwarding используя ssh в Unix/Linux

Create diskgroup in ASM

Steps for creating diskgroup in ASM (Single Node)


select tpm.name privilege,
       decode(mod(oa.option$,2), 1, 'YES', 'NO') grantable,
       ue.name grantee,
       ur.name grantor,
       u.name owner,
       decode(o.TYPE#, 0, 'NEXT OBJECT', 1, 'INDEX', 2, 'TABLE', 3, 'CLUSTER',
                       4, 'VIEW', 5, 'SYNONYM', 6, 'SEQUENCE',
                       7, 'PROCEDURE', 8, 'FUNCTION', 9, 'PACKAGE',
                       11, 'PACKAGE BODY', 12, 'TRIGGER',
                       13, 'TYPE', 14, 'TYPE BODY',



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